australian_shepherdMoving into a new home can be both exciting and stressful for both humans and pets. While we are able to understand why we have changed our dwelling, your furry companion may have a harder time adjusting to their new environment. The following are some tips to help your dog adapt to the new place you call “home”:

  • Before moving day, take time to reinforce basic obedience commands with your dog. They’ll be more focused on you and have an easier time settling in to their new surroundings.
  • During busy packing activities, confine your dog in their crate. Provide them with fun toys to keep them occupied, and remember to take him for on-lead walks throughout the day. If you anticipate a hectic moving day, consider boarding them at a day care, kennel or with friends to keep them safe.
  • When you arrive at your new home, take your dog for a leashed walk both inside and outside the home. Keep them confined in a room or their crate to ensure they don’t escape while you are busy with unpacking chores.
  • Place their bowls, toys and bed in the same rooms as in the old house (e.g., next to the kitchen fridge, in the family room). Continue to use the same bed they been using – providing a new bed in their new home may be too much change for them to take all at once.
  • Understand that your dog will need time to adjust to their new living arrangement, as well as to possible time and climate changes. As they adapt to their new surroundings, they will begin to feel more comfortable and relaxed, especially if they see that you yourself are calm and comfortable in the new environment.
  • It typically takes about three weeks for a dog to become accustomed to their new setting, so try to keep to the same routine your dog previously enjoyed. This will alleviate stress and help them settle in faster.

For more information and useful hints and to download the tip sheet click here.

Above all, be patient with your furry pal as they adjust to their new home. They may take days or even weeks to get comfortable with their new home and routine. Continue to provide an environment of love, comfort and trust, and your dog will soon settle in to their new home sweet home.

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