Is your dog destructive? 

This can be a very costly as well as very annoying habit, not to mention bad for your dog if it chews and swallows something which later causes an obstruction requiring a trip to the vet. How frustrating must it be to arrive home and find that your dog has decided to perfect its DIY skills by stripping the wallpaper and removing large chunks of plaster from the wall? Or to discover that your dog fancies being an electrician and has systematically chewed through all the internet, phone and speaker cables in the house … it’s a wonder they didn’t give themselves a nasty shock! At Bark Busters our dog obedience training covers how to stop dog chewing and dog digging.

Dogs have a natural desire to chew, so it’s important to try and satisfy this need. The abundance of available ‘chew toys’ have their place, but often they are not enough on their own. Some chewing is caused by frustration, so it’s important not to overlook that we’re dealing with a case of separation anxiety, or some other deeper cause. As with other behavioural issues, we aim to find the reason the dog is chewing rather than just treating the symptoms.

Bark Busters Perth North can help you overcome dog destruction without resorting to treat training or punishment (like prong or shock collars):
“Both dogs are noticeably quieter after our session. I didn’t want to use treats as rewards and Bark Busters techniques give better results. I enjoy doing the training with my dogs and I can’t wait to be able to take them out for walks again.” COLLETTE S. | ELLENBROOK